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Natsuko Nishikata: iOS application developer

Always I want to keep looking at the bright side of my life just like sunflowers


Brief biography

1990: Studied audio and image signal processing at an university. I found how much fan it is to make THINGS.

2000: Worked at an electronic company as an embedded software engineer. I found how much fan it is to release products which I and our team developed.

2007: Moved to Germany in my own purpose. It was the big turning point in my career.

2009: Started to develop iPhone applications.

Now: Develop iOS applications and write books for iOS developers (Japanese). Also I’m a Mama of a little cute girl.

Applications start its life at the release time. It means that we developer must support our applications after the release. For enough support, I always try to design my software well. I’m happy if many users use my applications. Thanks!