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Loan simulation result

( Loan condition setting example is here )


The simulation result is displayed.

When the monthly payments are not equal in the repayment terms the details can be shown by tapping the blue button located on the right side of “Monthly payment detail”.

When the settings for accelerated repayment exist the details can be shown by tapping the blue button located on the right side of “Accelerated repayment detail”.


By selecting “Details” button located on the top of the screen the Amortization schedule will be shown.

Choose the year when you want to see from the index.

Compare (Graph)

The Comparison result with/without accelerated repayment as default. Tap “i” button on top of the screen to open the data list screen. And choose data you want to compare with.


(Upper graph) Balance: You can see that the accelerated repayment can shorten the total loan terms.

(Lower graph) General information: You can compare the amount of total payment, percentage of interest allocation etc.

You can swipe the upper/lower graph. Select graph you want to see.


(Upper graph) Monthly payment: When the accelerated repayment type is “reduce total term” the monthly payment is fixed over the life of the loan.

(Lower graph) The maximum and average values of monthly payment and bonus payment.


(Upper graph) Yearly payment with accelerated repayment : You can see how much money you need to prepare/pay including accelerated repayment.

(Lower graph) General information