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How to use

Select or Record video

Pick a video you want to edit. Tap “Select” if you use a video in Photo app or tap “Record” if you record a video now.

A video recorded with omoide is saved to camera roll as default. You can change the setting by “Recording video” -> “Save recorded video to Camera roll”.

Select style

Choose a pair of title image and BGM. Title screen comes a top of the movie and has “title”, “date” and “place”.

Omoide style en

To trim a song in order to fit the video length, set using BGM Auto Phrase switch ON.

The original video length, BGM Auto Phrase switch and trial listening button are shown from left to right on a toolbar. By tapping the trial listening button toggles stop/play trial listening.

You can hide the toolbar by tapping preview pane.

The free version has a limitation on the styles. You can remove this limitation by way of an in-app purchase.

Edit title

You can edit “title”, “date” and “place” shown in a thumbnail image.

omoide helps you to edit title by

  • Displaying the title of the calendar event on the date that the video was recorded
  • Displaying the date recorded
  • Displaying the place recorded (facility name or address)

Omoide title en

※ omoide requests you to allow accessing Calendar to retrieve calendar events.

※ Intrenet access is needed to show the facility name or address by using a locale information saved with the recorded video.

You can configure the calendar by which you want to retrieve the event. The setting is “Title and Cast setting” -> “Load calendar”.

If you deny the access to calendar once, omoide can’t retrieve any event. To change the authentication setting, open “Setting” app and tap “omoide”. You can change the setting at any time.

Edit cast

You can edit cast shown in a last image. Tap “Add/Edit” button to select persons.

Omoide cast en

If a person which has a birthday setting, the age of the person is shown. To hide the age, off the switch by age text.

The age is shown not only in years but also in months. You can change the maximum age for showing the age in months by “Title and Cast setting” -> “Show age in months”.

omoide log can be hidden if the bottom switch is OFF. But the function is only for Pro version. The free version has a limitation that the logo can’t be hidden. You can upgrade the function by way of an in-app purchase.

Omoide cast list en

To register a new person, tap <Name> area in order to open the keyboard. It’s recommended to be configured a birthday, too.


Any problem? You can fix them by tapping a button on left-top corner.

Omoide preview en

The created movie can be saved and shared.

If you want to start with another video, tap “Quit and New” button. This operation can’t be undone. Please confirm if the current movie has been saved or shared.